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This time could be summed up like this:. What drives the world no longer drives them.

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Seeing the madness of our civilization so clearly, they may feel somewhat alienated from the culture around them. They are no longer run by the ego, yet the arising awareness has not yet become fully integrated into their lives. Inner and outer purpose have not merged. But hey, the first post on this blog was on May 20, —a year and a half after buying the domain. Gotta start somewhere!

This time was obviously different: a great opportunity for my wife, and my chance to align inner and outer purposes.

Sea change (idiom)

A win-win for both of us. Universal intelligence went to work and aligned the stars. March We moved from the Midwest to NorCal yes, reverse geographic arbitrage …more on that in a minute. I like seeing the world from different perspectives. We sold the McMansion and downsized—effectively chopping off 1, square feet of finished living space including 1 bedroom and 3 bathrooms, along with a massive unfinished basement with even more space on top of that. Like I said at the beginning of this post, we are course-correcting after lifestyle inflation , and housing is the 1 expense for most Americans.

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Back to geographic arbitrage for a second. Housing is the biggest factor in this difference.

And, because we are more intentional about everything in life now, we are paying a monthly rent price in California that is cheaper than our McMansion mortgage in Kansas. Aside from housing as the top expense, transportation and food round out the top three annual expenses.

'A sea change' - the meaning and origin of this phrase

A blank slate is a beautiful thing. Is variety of environments, activities, etc really the spice of life after all?

Maybe so. You embrace more, you notice more, you have the energy and time for more! Showing up daily to keep aligning and refining inner and outer purpose.

My commitment to you is to always actively try to walk the intentional living talk—and show the real often hard side of slow and simple living. It seems fitting to end with this image of Einstein riding a bicycle in California. In , Einstein wrote a letter to his son that read:. It is the same with people as it is with riding a bike.

The Sea Change (2005)

Also published on Medium. Congratulations on the move and life changes! It sounds all very exciting.

one change at a time

But as soon as he had reached the door his manner suffered a sea-change. Like all the rest of us, he, too, had suffered his sea-change and was the better and bigger man for it. He has suffered a sea-change; for his keel has been wetted in the waters of Eternity. So, we've identified some of the latest terms surrounding climate change to have on your radar.

Life-Changing Quotes Everyone Needs To Hear Read more in this article about some frequently asked questions and fun facts related to our definitions. Nearby words sea butterfly , sea cabbage , sea calf , sea canary , sea captain , sea change , sea chest , sea cow , sea cradle , sea crayfish , sea cucumber. Origin of sea change First recorded in — Examples from the Web for sea change Despite the hard work of women like Fonda, Archer said, there had been no sea-change in attitudes within the industry.

What's the meaning of the phrase 'A sea change'?