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I am often told we get the media we deserve. We do not. We get the media its billionaire owners demand. This means that the first duty of a journalist is to cover neglected issues. Here, life is collapsing even faster than on land. The main cause, the UN biodiversity report makes clear, is not plastic. It is not pollution, not climate breakdown, not even the acidification of the ocean.

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It is fishing. Because commercial fishing is the most important factor, this is the one we talk about least. There was not a word about the fossil fuel or plastics industries — and only a fleeting reference to the fishing industry, which is protected by a combination of brute power and bucolic fantasy. When you hear the word fisherman, what picture comes to mind? Someone who looks like Captain Birdseye: white beard, twinkly eyes, sitting on a little red boat chugging merrily across a sparkling sea? If so, your image of the industry might need updating.

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The same applies worldwide: huge ships from rich nations mop up the fish surrounding poor nations, depriving hundreds of millions of their major source of protein, while wiping out sharks, tuna, turtles, albatrosses, dolphins and much of the rest of the life of the seas. Coastal fish farming has even greater impacts, as fish and prawns are often fed on entire marine ecosystems : indiscriminate trawlers dredge up everything and mash it into fishmeal.

The high seas — in other words, the oceans beyond the mile national limits — are a lawless realm. Here fishing ships put out lines of hooks up to 75 miles long , which sweep the sea clean of predators and any other animals that encounter them. But even inshore fisheries are disastrously managed, through a combination of lax rules and a catastrophic failure to enforce them. For a few years, the populations of cod and mackerel around the UK started to recover. We were told we could start eating them again with a clear conscience.

Both are now plummeting. Young cod are being illegally discarded tipped overboard on an industrial scale, with the result that the legal catch in UK seas is probably being exceeded by roughly one-third. Mackerel in these waters, thanks to the scarcely regulated greed of the fishery, lost its eco label a few weeks ago. But this protection amounts to nothing but lines on the map. Commercial fishing is excluded from less than 0.

A recent paper in the Science journal found that the trawling intensity in European protected areas is higher than in unprotected places. These MPAs are a total farce: their only purpose is to con the public into believing that something is being done. It does, but it is not being taken. The looting of our seas is likely, if anything, to intensify. The story starts with the worlds colliding. The human realm and what comes to be known as the 'New Realm'. In the New Realm there is magic, beings of fantasy and myth, and a whole lot of trouble brewing.

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Earthquakes are shaking the world; orcs appear from nowhere decimating police forces, and there just might be a dragon flying around! On this day, at this moment, Larissa Miller is born. Losing her mother to the chaos of complications during the Great Collision, Larissa has been protected and cossetted most of her life. Kept in the human-only city, away from all beings from the new realm; away from the ability to learn about them without guilt.

Terak is Mennak , leader, of his clan of Gargoyles.

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When he's told by the Oracle that a human female is important to the future of his Clan and she must be protected for three months, he takes the guarding somewhat begrudgingly. And just when he thinks it's all been for naught, zombies come shuffling out of the shadows to attack! I loved all the different beings, to name a few: Orcs, Necromancers who are vampires generally , controlling zombies; there are gargoyles of course , mages, wizards, werewolves, warriors, trolls, giants, elves, wraiths, shadows and at least one oracle!

I feel like I should be ending with " The really nice thing was that the world-building was smooth and intricate. So many creatures, and yet it wasn't haphazard. There were reasons, division, order to the chaos - though there was plenty of chaos too! We only get a glimpse of a lot of it, because Larissa is just getting involved, but what we do see is tantalizingly great. Okay, here's where I've got to admit it: I didn't love Larissa at first. Well, I'm not sure if I love her yet - but I have come to like her a lot more than I did in the beginning.

She started out incredibly passive, letting her father's disapproval determine how she was going to live her life Eh, I just wasn't into that. And there were reasons - I get that, I still didn't love it. Added to the top of that she let herself believe in the absoluteness of the guards that supposedly kept out the magical beings. She's forced to realize her mistake when she's suddenly attacked by beings she doesn't recognize which shouldn't be there.

On the other hand, the nice thing is that she does realize it view spoiler [unlike many other characters I could name hide spoiler ]. She learns; and I've got to respect that. Not only was she being smart, she was being brave and strong; I can see the potential in her for a lot more. Terak was pretty awesome. He's protective and possessive, but he doesn't need to have Larissa under his thumb.

Not only that, but he constantly shows her, and tells her, how great she is.

He builds her up so she can stand on her own. Not only with him, but all the time. Unfortunately, though he's beginning to love Larissa there are I liked seeing them become friends - respect each other, and see it gradually become more to both their notice. Yup, he is.

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This book flat out made me smile, laugh, gasp and be shocked throughout my reading of it. The action was nearly non-stop; the characters had great chemistry with each other; quite frankly, I need more. More of the world, more of the characters, and definitely more Fallon Okay here's a spoiler with them: view spoiler [Disclaimer: I'm hooked on grammar. I can't help it, I love the English language and these kinds of things just stand out to me.

I notice them in my favorite author's books too. And there were some very minor grammar and editing issues here. A few times I'd have to read a sentence a couple of times to figure the meaning; sometimes there was a wrong word used in place of another homonym mix-ups. But even though grammar is one of my hot-button issues, I couldn't hold it against this book. I just flat out enjoyed it. I did want to add because it did pull me out of the story a few times, but in the end it just didn't matter that much.

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View all 28 comments. Recommended to Brandi by: Navessa. Shelves: favorites. Danielle Monsch, were you reading my mind when you decided to write this?! You must have been because this book has everything I need to make me love a story! Badass characters, humor , shmexy men, shmexy women, intelligent main characters, sex wink wink , and a world that I want more and more from. The story starts with the human realm and magic realm colliding , and suddenly there are mythical creatures running amok in the streets!

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Orcs, werewolves view spoiler [was Wulver the were that helped Jack?! That was never clear to me hide spoiler ] , and more all suddenly show up and it's utter chaos in the streets. All Jack Miller is trying to do is make it to the hospital where his wife was in labor when the world turned on it's head, and once there he finds out that his fifth child is their only girl, but view spoiler [that he'll no longer have his wife around to help raise her hide spoiler ].

It's been 26 years since the Great Collision for the record, Ris' age is one of the other things I loved , and Larissa has grown up ignorant of the mystical races now sharing the world with her. She's a history teacher in a human-only city, and her father and brothers have always been exceedingly overprotective of her. In her desire to not upset her father she never questioned not leaving the safety of the city, or learning about the other races. Until the zombie attack. There's really nothing not to like about the characters in this story. Larissa is really level headed, and pragmatic, Terak is sensitive alpha male, Fallon is fucking amazing, and the support cast all managed to pique my interest.

I've decided to add Terak to my list of boyfriends, and I know it sounds odd to add a gargoyle, but just wait, he's all kinds of yummy in that shifter-alpha way so many of my men have. He's no Curran or Barrons, but who is?! Fallon needs to have her own series. I would love to have series as long as those ones featuring Fallon.

There's a ridiculous amount of story that this world can produce, and I love it! Now, with all this praise, be aware that there are mistakes in this book. A lot of minor editing mistakes that should have been caught, but they're not enough to detract from the story , just enough to distract your eyes while you're reading.

So that is annoying, I know, but my love of the story allowed me to not get very hung up on them. However, this was a copy from Netgalley and I don't think the version you would buy from a retailer would have these mistakes. This story is all about family, adventure, love, sacrifice, and making your own path in the world.