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That said, we'd like to up the component quality of the game as we get closer to that break-even point, to give everyone even more reasons to join in. We'd generally like to improve the quality of the card binders to have art instead of solid colors, add more "token" cards for units that other cards summon, like Pirates and Frogs and Ninjas and so on with great art, and most of all, add more and more to the Deluxe set, including entire extra expansions right in the box!

Goal 1. These sets will come with 3 token cards that have Dancers on the front and Angry Dancers on the back. Goal 2. This stretch goal unlocks a new type of binder with laminated covers and the art shown earlier on this page.

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Goal 3. All sets will get a set of dual dials to track the HP of bases for 2 players 1 - 20 HP. Goal 4. Total of 4 binders now included in Deluxe set. These help with playing up to 5 players at once. An entire expansion added! Play as Grave, Setsuki, and Rook and get all their associated spec cards and the white starting deck. Play as the Past, Present, and Future heroes and get all their associated spec cards and the purple starting deck. Core and Deluxe. This game has been through many years of development and testing.

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There isn't much risk of "not getting a good game. The shipping will be handled by the team at Ship Naked who shipped my previous kickstarters. I think the biggest risk is delays due to manufacturing.

This project is bigger and more complex than my previous projects, and it will require more setup time. Because of this, I've pushed the delivery date out a bit, so it's more consistent with other board game kickstarters, rather than the really aggressively fast turn-around time I've tried for before.

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In short, I think the biggest risk is really just that we're a month or two late, but I've tried to mitigate even that. Stay up-to-date on the campaign. Thank you for considering Codex! You can increase or cancel your pledge later. This set comes with red and green factions, as well as all the other stuff needed to play. Unlike the starter set, it includes two custom designed binders for storing cards as you play those are your "codexes" codices?? This is a great tier to choose because it's enough to let you play the game in the exciting 3 hero vs 3 hero mode for 2-players.

Comes with starter set great for new players and the core set lets you experience the 3 hero vs 3 hero mode for 2-players. When playing the 3 hero mode, you can mix the starter heroes with the core set heroes for even more possibilities. You get everything in the starter set and core set, as well as custom made Codex card sleeves.

That's enough to protect all the cards you get, with some spare sleeves just in case. This fantastic, special set will not be sold at retail. It comes with everything in the starter set and core set, as well as expansion sets that you'll be getting before anyone else can. Also includes "map" cards that change something about the game each time you play these are exclusive to the deluxe set.

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The complete contents of this set will change as the campaign unfolds and we reach more stretch goals, so please check the main page. You get the awesome Codex Deluxe set, plus custom made Codex card sleeves. This is for international backers or any backers anywhere who want to do a group buy of 10 sets shipped to the same location in order to save on shipping. And shipping within the US is free at this tier. This Deluxe Sets will not be sold at retail. They come with everything in the starter set and core set, as well as expansion sets that you'll be getting before anyone else can.

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