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Learning Goals.

Welcome to the action-packed, fully animated RPG world of AdventureQuest!

Humans are exploring a wide variety of objects, like nebulas, galaxies, stars, and worlds throughout the universe and now the universe even includes human-made spacecraft! Thanks to your support, we're unlocking a stretch goal early. The Adventure Deck will include all of the items and loot originally planned for The Treasure Chest deck, plus a set of cards for creatures.

Two decks in one! We'll be giving each creature in Quest flavorful introductions, so you can get an idea of their mood and introduce them well to the players. As one example, here's how we'd describe the terrifying Overland Centipede! A clattering sound on the rocky soil grows louder and louder. The ground begins to tremble as something moves rapidly through the tall brush.

Then it stops. Suddenly -- a striped tangle of armored plates and a hundred freakish legs shoots up from the brush: an aberrant tower of hissing hatred. The creature turns to face you, antennae erect, as flesh-ripping pincers click together in anticipation of its next meal. Quest is already a rich game with an intuitive rule set, exciting roles, and hundreds of spells and abilities.

Your support will help us transform the game into something special. Specifically, it will fund the completion of the art for the game book and card decks, and help us hire professionals to prepare final designs and copy for print. Finally, the funding goal will help us use an offset printing method to ensure the highest quality for the book and card decks.

Our goal reflects the higher upfront costs of offset printing, which requires larger minimum orders of the product. While this is more expensive than print-on-demand in upfront costs, the offset printing method will create products of much higher quality. We only want the best possible version of Quest to go out to backers — something you'll be delighted by every time you play.

The Quest on Steam

Our goal is all about creating the first set of Quest artifacts. But there is a long-term vision for the game.

If the project achieves significant success, we will expand the world of Quest by bringing together artists and authors to create adventure modules for people to use. Our larger goal is to create an inclusive, broad community of creators and players for a system that welcomes everyone to the table. Quest will ship in fall Because great artwork takes time and care, we want to take enough time to create something that feels beautiful and complete. Backers will receive previews and updates on our work on the game from now, until it's finished. We will continue testing the game throughout the art and design process.

All backers will receive a PDF copy of the game's final ruleset in early , in advance of the game shipping. This copy will include a small playable adventure, in case you'd like to try the game out before the full products arrive. He's also a loving dungeon master, cat warden, and the Managing Editor at The Verge.

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Feel free to say hi to him on Twitter , especially if you want to talk about spells. Celia Lowenthal is a freelance comic artist and illustrator with a penchant for drawing patterns and puffy period sleeves.

We are leaving for a bit.

Find her on Twitter and on Tumblr! Chris is the editor of Quest. He lives and works in Austin, TX. Find him on Twitter.

Finally, we want to give immense thanks to the dozens of groups already testing, playing, and enjoying Quest. Quest's creators have years of experience launching and managing publications that have delighted millions of people around the world. We're experts in creating well-written and edited content for lots of audiences. Of course, physical publishing can be affected by unforeseen circumstances. These include possible production delays based on third-party circumstances we cannot control.

We will do our best to mitigate these risks by working closely with partners and overseeing the process from start to finish. We will be working with PrintNinja to manufacture the Game Book: a trusted, reliable offset printing company. For the card decks, we will be working with Ad Magic: the same company that manufactured Cards Against Humanity. If a very substantial number of products are ordered, production lead time may be increased. Additionally, there may be circumstances out of our control like trade embargoes between the US and China that could affect production.

We will be prepared with backup production options in the event of a disruption.

Creating a blank game

We will be working with a third-party fulfillment company to warehouse, handle, and ship orders to backers around the world. This will ensure efficient delivery once production begins. Again, if any unforeseen problems arise, we will be prepared to use backup fulfillment servicing companies to deliver rewards to backers. Finally, Quest is a fully original, self-published work.

The creators fully own the copyright on the product, and it requires no third-party approval or review. This tier gives you everything you need to play Quest in a digital package that you can print at home, or view on a device. Note that the game's illustrations are only being designed for the hardcover version. Welcome to Quest. You will receive a single hardcover copy of the Quest Game Book — everything you need to create an extraordinary character and play the game. Receive a Limited Edition Quest Game Book with a black faux-leather cover and debossed gold foil wordmark.

SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

You will receive a single copy of the Quest Game Book, and The Essential Deck, which contains hundreds of cards with the game's spells and abilities. You will get to name one of Quest's legendary magic items, which will appear in the Game Book and the Treasure Chest name subject to our approval. You will be given a few items to choose from, or we will work with you to create a unique item with a backstory. Your name will also appear in the game's credits under "special thanks.

You will have one of Quest's spells named after you, or a name of your choice subject to our approval. Your name will appear in the spell's title in the Game Book and on the corresponding card in the Core Deck. We'll give you a list of spells to choose from. You will be the Historian of the city in Quest's first official adventure: The Reach.

We will name the character after you, or a name of your choice subject to our final approval. The Historian is a permanent major character that will have a backstory and be involved in the adventure's main story arcs. You will have a custom illustration created for your character by the artist commissioned to work on The Reach to be determined , and receive a framed print of your illustration as the keeper of knowledge of the last city in the world.

You will receive an individual credit line in the Quest Game Book. Finally, you will receive a one-of-a-kind, Unique Edition of the Quest Game Book, with a special hardcover casing from The Wyvern Bindery in London -- the same bookbinders who created authentic book props seen in notable films such as Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, and Hugo. This edition will be personally signed by Quest's creators and sent to you in a wooden collector's box. Jun 5, - Jun 30, 24 days. Share this project Done.

Tweet Share Email. Your greatest adventure begins here. Quest is the roleplaying game for everyone. Coming in Pre-order Quest.


The Adventure Guild. Last updated August 29, Share this project. Quest: the roleplaying adventure game for everyone.