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And it is certainly not a book that will give you some underground formula or one-touch solution to making millions overnight. All you have to do to be successful in the stock market is spend time becoming educated Start investing with a small amount of capital and build that up as you become more confident in your trading.

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Daniel Kertcher was born in Toronto, Canada, in At the age of 16, he moved to Australia with his family. After finishing school he studied a Bachelor of Science, majoring in neurophysiology brain research , at the University of Queensland. In , Daniel was going to commence a PhD study in neurophysiology but decided to become a licensed real estate agent instead. He opened an agency with his mother and soon became involved in most facets of property: development, investment, onsite management, sales and maintenance.

Four years later, Daniel became fascinated with the stock market. He started MetaShare International, his first stock market training company with two retired funds managers. Platinum Pursuits is an Australian-based stock market education company that specialises in teaching clients how to trade international stocks, options, CFDs and futures markets. By , he was conducting his training seminars to huge audiences in Australasia, Europe and North America. Over 70, people have attended Platinum Pursuits seminars in 22 different countries, with over 10, people continuing on to complete the various advanced courses.

Today, Daniel spends approximately four to five months a year conducting courses internationally. The rest of the year he spends with his family and on leisure, investment, business, spiritual and charity interests.

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After I graduated from university I entered the real estate industry where I remained for five years. I knew nothing about the stock market and really wanted to learn, as I was extremely attracted to the analytical side of trading. At university I studied neurophysiology brain research and I was used to looking at charts and numbers. Seeing the stock market and the numbers and prices displayed in graphs was much more interesting for me than real estate.

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But it is more of a hobby for me now. In the beginning what markets did you choose to trade and how have you moved onto other markets? I have changed my trading strategies and techniques quite a lot over the past ten years. Initially I traded the Australian and New Zealand stock markets, primarily because my mentors were based in New Zealand. During the late s tech boom, it was reasonably easy to make high returns just by trading shares in those markets.

However, when the tech crash hit in early and prices fell extremely fast I needed to find alternatives to trading shares. That was when options trading became very popular, as options allow traders to make profits in falling markets. Through some American contacts, I developed a keen interest in trading the US market because of its phenomenal amount of liquidity and the wide range of trading opportunities available.

For the past seven years I have been trading almost exclusively in the US market. In I came across contracts for difference CFDs and learnt how to trade them. One of my first big wins came during the tech boom of the late s. I was aware of a company called Powerlan, an Australian stock that was rising fast. How do you think the stock market compares to other investment vehicles such as business or property? This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join.

Home Books Money Management. Save For Later. Create a List. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Dream Big! Enjoy The Read! She likes React, Node, and the Unix fortune command.

She specializes in web security and optimization, and in the process, discovered the dangerous world of automation to help her shop. Twitter: finalphoenix. The problem is, a lot of existing 4G modems and routers are pretty insecure. We found critical remotely-exploitable flaws in a selection of devices from variety of vendors, without having to do too much work. Their old 4G, 3G and even 2G-era code is going to be running in these 5G-capable devices. At the moment he's doing this for money at Pen Test Partners. Luckily, this has been H4CK3D to highlight an important vulnerability.

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What we did was simple. We used spoof texts to Tweet from these accounts. We simply passively controlled these accounts with no opportunity of getting confidential data in return. So what did the hacking community, journalists and commentators do?! But why was the backlash so bad? In this talk, INSINIA explains why it was done, how it was done, how people reacted and how research can be released quickly and responsibly… Without always getting the warm reception you might expect!

Twitter: MikeGHacks. Twitter: sekuryti. Setup the real-time debugger is the key. Without the debugger, it's difficult to inspect the program flow and runtime status. On Qualcomm platform, subsystems are protected by the Secure Boot and unable to be touched externally. We'll introduce the vulnerability we found in Modem to defeat the Secure Boot and elevate privilege into Modem locally so that we can setup the live debugger for baseband. Thanks to the debugger, we finally figure out the system architecture, the components, the program flow, the data flow, and the attack surfaces of WLAN firmware.

We'll share these techniques in detail, along with the zero-days we found on the attack surfaces.

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There are multiple mitigations on Qualcomm baseband, including DEP, stack protection, heap cookie, system call constraint, etc. All the details of the exploitation and mitigation bypassing techniques will be given during the presentation. We'll discuss these constraints, and then leverage the weakness we found to fully exploit into Modem.

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He has discovered many vulnerabilities of vendors like Google and Qualcomm. He is the speaker of CanSecWest Twitter: Gxiling. Configuration Management CM tools are used to provision systems in a uniform manner.

CM servers are prime targets for exploitation because they are connected with key machines. The tools themselves are powerful from a security standpoint: they allow an attacker to run commands on any and every connected system.

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Unfortunately, many security professionals do not have CM experience, which prevents them from using these tools effectively. MOSE first creates a binary based on user input.

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Once transferred to the CM server and run, this binary dynamically generates code that carries out the desired malicious behavior on specified systems. This behavior can include running arbitrary system commands, creating or deleting files, and introducing backdoors. MOSE puts the generated code in the proper place so that all targeted systems will run it on their next check-in with the server, removing the need for the user to integrate it manually. CM tools are a powerful resource, but they have a barrier to entry.

MOSE aims to remove this barrier and make post exploitation more approachable by providing a tool to translate the attacker's desired task into commands executable by the CM infrastructure. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico, which gave him some great knowledge and also made him fatter and added a bunch of grey hairs. He has also previously worked as a tool developer, system administrator, and DevOps engineer.