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Some people are selling their old website domains for thousands of dollars. Following the platforms are good if you want to sell your domain name. Afternic — It is a one-stop site to buy and sell domain names. Snapnames — You can buy domain names that are already registered and buy, then again sell them at a higher rate. Godaddy premium listings — You can sell your domain names on Godaddy premium listings and earn a lot of money.

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If you have a website you can sell it to other people for money. Website value depends on DA, Links, Traffic etc. Some marketplaces you can use to sell and buy websites are listed below —. DealSite — You can buy and sell websites on DealSite. Many people are using flipped for selling their website or Domain names. Baseball Card Exchange — Exchanging baseball cards. Kurtz Cards — Baseball cards dealer since Portland Sports Card Co. If you have a sort of programming capability of coding apps and software you can earn money easily.

You can also work with a developer to create an application. The application must appeal to a wider audience. Appsplit — It is a crowdfunding sourcing platform for applications. You can raise funds for your software in Appsplit. AppTopic — This website allows you to buy Software and Applications. Sell app — You can buy and sell iPhone apps and software here.

Social media is an attractive platform for advertisers.

If you have or create large social following you can do well by promoting products, items, brands etc. Sponsored posts — You can earn money from sponsored posts. Promote other people businesses and big brands.

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Twitpub — It is a marketplace made for Twitter where users can buy and sell. Get paid for likes. Pinterest You can promote affiliate products on Pinterest. Especially some health and fitness products. The Pinterest community is the most engaging community for promoting health and fitness products. Women are the dominant users of Pinterest. Try to promote women products. Youtube You probably knew you can earn money from youtube via ads. But if you have a large subscriber base you can promote big brand products and earn huge commissions. Airbnb — You can find long and short-term living apartments here.

RentMyItems — You can rent out your house items and earn some extra cash. Wimbdu — It is a web-based platform based on peer to peer rental. CampInMyGarden — It is an online camping garden community. You can book a garden or advertise your own garden for booking. If you want to invest some money I Stock Trading, there are many stockbrokers in a market to help you out. Fidelity — Another broker you can use. Scottrade — They offers wide-variety of banking and brokerage services. TradeKing — It is an online broker platform. They provide research and tools for trading stocks online and much more.

Lending Club — for U. Before investing in peer to peer landing properly diversify and take a fair amount of time to research loans, picking right ones for your strategy. Community Land — It is very similar to landing club but for Canada residents only. Earlier I talked about freelancing writing. But freelancing could be anything from Graphic design, Video editing, Logo design, Project design every aspect of work which can help other people.

2. Use existing websites

It depends on how much work, data, information consumer wants from you. Dollar3 — Recently gigsbull acquired dollar3. Ifreelance — You can find freelancing jobs here.

Microworkers — Another freelancing community to join and earn some money. People-Per-Hour — It is a standard freelancing website. Inbox dollars — You get paid for reading and replying to email ads. Inbox pages — You will get paid for reading for reading emails, completing surveys and playing games. Crazoo — You can earn money by posting content on online forums. Bitwine — Get paid for giving answers to people questions and giving advice on various subjects. Ether — It enables you to communicate with other people and give them valuable advice. You can schedule your rate, time for giving advice.

Web Answers — You can learn Romney by showing Adsense ads on web answers. Answer questions and get revenue share via adsense.

How to earn money online

You can promote your affiliate products offers via newsletter marketing. If you know, speak, listen to other languages there are greater chances people are interested in your skills. Get Transcribed — You get paid for translating audio to text transcription and video captioning service. Scribe — It is a fast-growing online audio transcription service.

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Speech Ink — They offers you an opportunity to earn money by transcribing audio to text using Amazon Mechanical Turk. TranslatorsTown — Directory of translation and translators object. Translators Cafe — Containing database of over translating agencies and freelance translators. Arise — Connect with people by providing customer service and get paid. WorkingSOL — Handle tech support for a large company or organization and get paid.

101 Ways to Make Money Online

A ton of companies is interested in getting the customers opinions, review, websites services. In some cases they want you to test out their product and wants feedback on it. How about testing different types of products and get paid? Expo panel — You honest opinion about the product will help unlock products before they are sold in stores.

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Swaggable — A platform for consumers to test products that they are interested in! If you love music, there are companies out there who are interested in hearing opinions. It is basically another form of consumer research. MusicXray — Listen to music, rate it and get paid. Slicethepie — You can earn money by reviewing songs. Music Research — It is fully devoted music research organization devoted to studying of pop music with listener behavior.

Easy way to make money by internet

The easiest way to earn a dollar! No gimmicks or commitments. Sometimes you have to go to their website and order a meal or products. You can earn money by testing websites, such as user experience, what things are needed to improve user experience etc. Your email address will not be published. Table Of Contents- This article is quite long and I have created a table of contents so you can quickly identify the relevant sections.

Chapter -1 Writing. Some of the best blogging sites you can start with are listed below — Blogger. It takes days for them to approve your application.