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This tradition is used in different kinds of mythologies. Being a very beautiful Young maid, Persephone is coveted by Hades, king of hell. Devastated by sorrow, Demeter refuses to make the earth fertile again, which leads to a lack of fruit. Worried about the harvests to come, Zeus decides to send Hermes to Hades to propose a bargain aiming at freeing Persephone.

'My Mabon window' in 2019, the Cornucopia & Pomegranate

However, since the Young maid has eaten pomegranate seeds during her stay, she now belongs in the underworld. Hades nonetheless accepts the bargain but allows his wife to go back to the surface and thus to the light only for six months. At the end of this period, she has to go down to him again.

  • Mabon: The harvest of the autumn equinox;
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  • Persephone's Journey in the Underworld (original Mabon special spread).

The bargain agreed, Persephone accepts her role as queen of Hades. That is how the main two seasons of the year are created: from the spring equinox to the autumn equinox, days are longer than nights summer , while from the autumn equinox to the spring equinox the nights are longer than the days winter. This special spread is inspired from Persephone's journey underground and aims at helping the Querent to deal with his own darkness and to accept it as a full part of himself. The main events of the legend are represented and their symbolic meaning corresponds to the positions of the cards in the layout.

They show what the Querent refuses to see and what makes him carefree.

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Card 1 shows the Querent as he is when he decides to use this spread, with everything he is, including every part of himself he does not want to be confronted with, consciously or not. On the left, card 2 indicates why he is afraid to look at this aspect of his own personality. On the right, card 3 reveals the kind of difficulties he is confronted with when trying to deal with the obscurity he holds inside.

Cards 4 and 5 refer to Persephone's descending in Hades' subterranean realm. They reflect what triggers the Querent's introspection and what draws him to his own darkness. Card 4 is the reason why he decides to go deep in his deeper dark self and card 5 is what he expects to find during this journey. This card can express what he worries about in this process, what motivates him or what he would like to find. Cards 6 and 7 depict Persephone's stay in the underworld.

They are the heart of the Querent's introspection and show what he will find deep within himself. Ask for blessings. Do apple magic. Apples are often harvested in the fall. Cut an apple horizontally to reveal the hidden, five-pointed star a pentagram inside. Look for pentagonal forms around you ex. Listen to music. Music is a wonderful way to get into the mood of Mabon!

Tucker are especially evocative. Meditate on balance. This is especially helpful if you are a family caregiver, but also if you have a high-stress job, pressure-filled commute, or have a lot of personal drama. Reflect on how you handle pressure, how you manage your and other people's emotions, and how easily your peace of mind can be disrupted. Think about ways you can reduce stress and bring more balance to your days.

Consider going to bed earlier and waking up earlier to get a jump on the day, practicing non-violent communication, eating more healthily, and eliminating unhealthy relationships. Pray for peace. In a world out of balance, praying for peace and stability -- including a stable climate -- can be especially potent during Mabon! US Edition U. News U.

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Join HuffPost Plus. Wikimedia Commons. Like many religions, pagans employs certain symbols both as representations of their faith and as images and objects that contain power in and of themselves. The pentacle is probably the most common in paganism, often depicted in art and jewelry.

A Kitchen Witch’s Autumn Equinox (Mabon)

Some say its five points represent the four directions plus the sacred spirit. As Harvard's Pluralism Project notes, it is difficult to determine the number of pagan adherents around the world as estimates vary widely. The number may be anywhere between , and 1 million, or possibly more. Most pagans don't exhibit their religious identity outside of the ritual space unless they wear clothing or jewelry depicting pagan symbols such as the pentacle. According to The Pagan Census , modern pagans are distributed fairly even throughout the U.

Men and women of all ages, races and backgrounds practice paganism, though the census said the community tends to skew toward white, middle class women. Getty Images. Contemporary paganism is widespread and somewhat scattered , hence the difficulty counting adherents. There are numerous world myths to explain this seasonal change, many involving a descent into the underworld, to the land of the dead. Close your eyes. Imagine yourself sinking into the darkness behind your eyelids, going deep into the dark, where there is nothing but silence. Remain there for as long as possible; then slowly return to the circle.

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