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The book was a repeat by another author, with different names and basically the same script. These Erotic books are going to have to get more interesting. I mean don't get me wrong I love Erotic books but you can only here the woman orgasm so many times. WE need plots, adventure, seduction. Kill some, stop a bomb from exploding in a third world country, survivors of an airplane crash re-meeting again, Do something for heaven sakes your dominate Billionaires.

I liked that Simon, even though he was a billionaire, was a very insecure and vulnerable man, and that Kara, who had nothing, was a very strong and self-sufficient woman.

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They both balanced each other out even though they had many ups and downs in their relationship. They helped each other overcome the issues that affected each of them from their pasts to make them a strong and loving couple. Who was your favorite character and why?


Simon was my favorite because he really developed and grew throughout the book with the help of Kara. His past was full of betrayal which would be debilitating to many people.

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  • Because of his feelings for Kara, he bravely worked through those issues to emerge stronger which made him able to commit to a deeper relationship. I loved Elizabeth Power's as the narrator. She lent credence to the emotions that the author was conveying in her story. Power's voice was also very pleasant to listen to which kept me totally engrossed as she switched between Simon, Kara other characters as well as the basic narrationl.

    Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? This was my first audible and now I am hooked. I listen to audibles as I work on tasks around the house. I would love to have listened to it all in one sitting, but it is lengthy since it four books compiled into one larger one. I really enjoyed my first experience with audibles, and I will definitely listen to all of this author's books that are offered in this format.

    This is just an average read for me. If not that that I got four books for 0. It is one of those books with a ridiculously young billionaire, single, attractive, and available, but with a tortured past. Kara, the heroine, was a nursing student, poor of course. Of course the main plot is sex, with some hoodlums thrown in. So if you are into that type of book, have at it. It is bereaved of plot, but abundant in sex.

    Not for me. What was most disappointing about J. I stated it earlier. Would you listen to another book narrated by Elizabeth Powers?

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    Maybe not. I love to read more about Sam. Facebook had this scrolling on my feed the other day and when I read the blurb it looked kind of interesting, plus it was free. I thought what the heck, I like free. I bought it and discovered that the free part was only the first third of the book, which I find really annoying. Still I wanted to know what happened to Simon and Kara well mostly Kara so I bought the rest of the book 99 cents, can't even get coffee for 99 cents. So what did I like about the book? The characters were pretty well drawn and both had compelling backstories. We get that these two were hot for each other, but there are other words.

    And her description of Kara and Simon having sex were at times laughable. The narrator was pretty good, although I would have liked it more if she could have picked up the speed just a tad bit. I like my books to have a little more story, a little more character development, and just a little less crudeness.

    But that's just me. I love this book, it actually had a story that didn't depend on sex scenes as fillers. Simon was my favorite because he was wounded and locked away for so long and he had so much love locked away I just he hoped everyday that that special women would come along and when she did? Oh my! How does this one compare? I haven't heard her before but will watch for her in future. I didn't want to pause this book but when I did I hurried what ever to get back to it.

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    • I wanted it to go on. Some unfinished story-lines I wanted to know if the poor brother found happiness too. Oh well. This book is on my favorite list now I would like more from J. Scott I may have to read the books if they are out there as nothing else is on Audible. It was just an ok story, in my opinion. I never felt like the characters were all that relatable, or had much chemistry.

      Overall, a decent story. However, the storyline was just a little to similar to 50 Shades of Grey. Which came first?

      The chicken or the egg? If Harlequin commissioned a Fifty Shades of Grey remake this would be it. I saw many similarities in the storyline.

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      I didn't mind that and enjoyed the story. I do have an issue with this being a "collection" of stories. The term collection seems to be more of a marketing tool because it's just one standard book. It has many hot love scenes and the romance is believable. You also get an introduction to Sam and Maddie's story which is a bonus and makes you want to listen to the next book. The narrator does a pretty good job as well.

      Mr. Billionaire

      Which character — as performed by Elizabeth Powers — was your favourite? I really enjoyed Powers' reading of all the characters. This is definitely for mature listeners. After ten minutes, I was really weary of listening to the end. There are so many of these stories where the rich man has dark secrets and desires and makes the woman follow his desires because this is how he is and she just has to change her ways because he wants her and always gets what he wants.

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      Well, this was NOT like that, and I did listen all the way to the end. Yes, he was overbearing and bossy and wanted her safe but he was kind and generous too. Simon and Kara really completed each other. Her excitement and enthusiasm and his kindness really made them a good match. Sam and Maddie are also really good supporting characters and their 'history' makes for a good enticement to listen to their story - I cannot wait.

      Bit miffed that I have to write a second review just because I have read the book more than once. The story does actually get better the more times you read it. Although I do seriously wonder where all these hot and sex single billionaires, who need rescuing from their dark past, are hiding because I keep looking and have yet to find one!!! A wonderfully sexy and erotic story beautifully narrated.