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Prepared by the Alaska Historical Society’s Alaska Historic Canneries Initiative

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Bill Walker says it will take more than a week or two to repair roads damaged by the powerful earthquake. Walker leaves office Monday and says he advised the incoming administration of what his staff has been doing to take care of Alaskans affected by the quake. He said members of Gov. But he didn't say what help he had requested other than a disaster declaration.

A state official says Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is open and operating at reduced capacity with delayed flights following back-to-back earthquakes. Alaska transportation and public facilities spokeswoman Meadow Bailey said Friday that no injuries were reported at the airport but light fixtures, water pipes and windows broke in the shaking.

She says some roads in the Anchorage area, including some leading to the airport, are impassable, and drivers should follow detour signs to drop off and pick up passengers at taxi and shuttle bus queues. Bill Walker surveyed Anchorage and nearby areas from the air in an Alaska National Guard Black Hawk helicopter to evaluate critical infrastructure damage after a major earthquake struck the state. State Department of Transportation staff flew another Black Hawk to assess roads in and out of Anchorage.

Bill Walker says he was in an office building elevator when an earthquake rocked Anchorage and south central Alaska and caused widespread damage. Walker said Friday he's surprised the elevator did not stop.

(1) U. S. Navy Aircraft lead U.S. Submarine to Air/Sea Rescue in 1946 Aleutian storm.

He says lights on the control board were blinking and things were falling from the ceiling. Walker was a child during the magnitude 9. He said he wondered if Friday's quake "could be the one.

He says he spoke with President Trump and was assured by the White House that help was on the way. Scientists say the damaging Alaska earthquake and aftershocks occurred on a type of fault in which one side moves down and away from the other side. Seismologist Lucy Jones told reporters Friday at the California Institute of Technology that the fault is within the Pacific tectonic plate that is diving under Alaska, a mechanism that produces the largest earthquakes in the U.


She says the area in which the quake occurred has loose sediments containing lots of water and when the ground moves it creates liquefaction, or "temporary quicksand. Jones says liquefaction can cause damage to structures because the ground moves out from beneath them. Tim Craig, an owner of Anchorage True Value Hardware in south Anchorage, says the quake knocked hundreds of items onto the floor and caused two stockroom shelves to become unbolted from the wall and collapse.

No one was hurt. Six off-duty employees, and some customers, offered to help clean up after the earthquake hit Tuesday morning.

Naval History and Heritage Command

Craig and his wife were driving to the store when the quake hit and he says their car was bouncing. An overhead traffic signal bobbing over their heads caused immediate concern and his wife pulled over because she was worried it would fall.

April Pearce was at her desk at work in the assessor's office in the small city of Soldotna and started filming once she realized the rumbling of the Alaska earthquake was the start of something big. She says in an email later that people were gasping and panicking and called the event "spooky. Fifteen-year-old Sadie Blake and other members of the Homer High School wrestling team were at an Anchorage school gymnasium waiting for a tournament to start when the earthquake hit.

She says the bleachers started rocking "like crazy" and then the lights went out.

Aleutian Islands Campaign: The Forgotten WWII Battle

People ran the bleachers in the pitch dark, trying to get out. By the time it was over, Sadie was still in the gym and says she started crying while hanging out in a nearby mall with her team.

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She says she's lived in Alaska 45 years and called Friday's earthquake "worst earthquake I've ever been in. One of the topics was earthquake preparation. McCammon says the quake reminded her how much more emergency preparation she needs to do. She plans to sign up for an emergency alert system and make sure she has an emergency kit on hand. Anchorage Police Chief Justin Doll says he's been told parts of a scenic highway that heads from Anchorage toward mountains and glaciers have sunken and "completely disappeared" following the earthquake.

He says officials are evaluating the damage to the Glenn Highway but some was so significant that it will probably "take a long time to repair. President Donald Trump has tweeted that the federal government "will spare no expense" helping Alaska following the 7. Trump on Tuesday tweeted "you have been hit hard by a 'big one'" and asked residents to follow officials' directions. Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin tweeted that her family is OK but said her "house is not. The police chief and the mayor of Anchorage said they were unaware of any reports of deaths of injuries after the quake shook buildings and opened up crevices and cracks in roads.

Anchorage Fire Department Jodie Hettrick says there were reports of buildings collapsing but she did not have further details. Anchorage Police Chief Justin Doll says he is unaware of reports of deaths or serious injuries following the earthquake that rocked the state's largest city. Doll made the statement to reporters Tuesday after the quake shook buildings and damaged road infrastructure. The Alaska Railroad has suspended all operations amid "severe" damage at their Anchorage Operations Center and unknown track conditions throughout the state. External Affairs Manager Tim Sullivan says the operations center lost power and is experiencing flooding following the quake Friday that rocked Anchorage and surrounding areas.

Sullivan says no reports of track damage have yet been reported, but it will take a day or two for staff to fully assess conditions. Until the tracks are cleared for use, all railroad operations will are suspended, Sullivan said. The operators of the mile long trans-Alaska pipeline said they shut the system down as a precaution following the earthquake in south central Alaska.

She says data will be assessed at an operations center and a physical inspection of the line will be performed. The Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage says it has canceled elective surgeries and that the hospital experienced multiple water leaks. The hospital says in a statement that there was not a large influx of patients after the quake rocked Anchorage Tuesday morning.

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There were no reports of serious injuries or deaths and there were no reports of injuries at the hospital. The Federal Aviation Administration says operations have stopped at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport following the earthquake that rocked buildings and damaged roads. FAA spokesman Allen Kenitzer in Washington state said Friday it's not known when inbound flights will resume and that travelers should check with their airlines. Kenitzer and Alaska transportation spokeswoman Meadow Bailey say telephone service is out at the airport.

The FAA spokesman says the airport tower was evacuated and flights that could be diverted were being sent to Kodiak. He says inbound international flights to Anchorage were being guided by controllers at a regional radar approach facility. The White House says President Donald Trump has been briefed about the earthquake that rocked Anchorage, causing damage to buildings and infrastructure. Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted Tuesday that Trump is monitoring the reports of damage. There have been no immediate reports of serious injuries or deaths following the 7.

Listed as one of the 12 most endangered historic landmarks in the world in the s, it has since undergone serious restoration. Orthodox church. Another view. And another. In addition to the green hills and snow-capped peaks, the red, green and blue roofs of the buildings behind it and their blue and grey sides provide a great backdrop. Yet another view. A few trees sprout here and there - Sitka spruce planted by the Russians in in Sitka Spruce Park. Only one rises high but it hardly looks like a spruce, being bare until the very top.

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The others are stunted. A few were also planted by nostalgic U. Scant trees planted by GIs.