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Because all the guns in the Italian embassy where she lives are under heavy guard. Good thing she accepted those classes Lila's rant in Italian about why she never got those classes before, in which she calls her father a "sperm donor" and her mother an "incubator" and details how she's going to scam them into letting her go to the anger management classes, hints at her being the victim of severe parental abuse. Marinette, who understands Italian thanks to her grandmother , is obviously unsettled Good thing Adrien warned Tony before he blasted the first Akuma victim he met The effect Akumatizations could have had on Paris had not the mayor not clamped down on the news.

Speaking of the mayor, can you imagine what he thought when Nick Fury showed up in a setting full of Meaningful Names and with a supervillain capable of corrupting anyone into a supervillain from moments of emotional weakness? Clint is scared when he enters Adrien's room Because there's no mats under his climbing wall. The fact Adrien is not injured in the least doesn't calm him down. The powers of the various Akuma victims are reviewed, and they're obviously as scary as in the show.

Then there's the Puppeteer, whose power to turn anyone into a minion by enchanting their dolls is made much scarier when Tony pronounces three words: "Hulk action figures".

The theories on why Papillon targets Marinette and Adrien's school so often: he figured out they're keeping an eye there and is using the place as a trap, or that Alya's determination to find out Ladybug's secret could help him. And he may have had the idea from her revealing to the world she has a history book from that specific school.

Then there's the question of what would happen if he Akumatized a serial murderer or a convicted inmate And Papillon then does just that : when Fury orders the Avengers to pull out before they're targeted, Tony, who has started seeing through the glamour that keep Ladybug and Chat Noir's identities secret, gets angry because he wants to stay and clean up his own mess, and as soon as he leaves the room to try and calm down an Akuma swoops in.

The potential uses of Cataclysm are brought up. Good thing it's Chat Noir to have it And not, say, someone willing to drop the Eiffel Tower on someone, as was once done by Ladybug. The For Want of a Nail fic Fox Rain is dedicated to show what could have happened if Lila had accidentally proven her heroic potential to Master Fu right after her original Akumatization, thus keeping her from becoming much worse than before , but still has a number of moments: The show implies that Papillon's influence had a role in Lila's worsening of character And this fic actually shows it: with just a phone call from Natalie to prince Ali , Papillon nearly destroyed Lila's trust in the friends she already had.

While Trixx' presence kept it from having the desired effect, it's still unsettling. The fic doesn't shy from the fact Gabriel here acted as a pedophile. In fact, Gabriel knows And doesn't care, because once he wins it will have never happened. The story is making Lila become more heroic But her reaction to realizing Papillon tried to destroy all her trust in her friends shows she still could have become that by her plan: feign it worked to jump him at the right occasion and steal the Butterfly Miraculous , and then throw him to the authorities while hoping they'll reopen Devil's Island a nearly inescapable prison infamous for the death rate and the tortures to the prisoners just for sake of a Papillon pun And admits to herself she would do it if possible.

Good thing prince Ali realized what she was planning and thwarted her and Ladybug managed to snap her out of that anger The narration states that Ladybug knew how to snap her out of that anger because she used to feel similar before meeting Tikki.

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. More specifically, a massive, gaping, pulsating hole that replaces her face. A massive, gaping, pulsating hole that she describes in nauseating detail. Only she can see it, everyone else thinks she has a normal face. But she knows its there and so did her parents, who were killed by it after repeated contact with it made them both deathly ill.

And then there's the ending You will see all of this; you will see the hole in my face. Forever, you will see the hole in my face.

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You will see, and you'll never speak a word to anyone. You'll see and you won't speak. Because you were never there, either. The entirety of " He had no fingers ", a sort of Cosmic Horror Story Naruto fic, starting with Naruto's body and spirit getting warped beyond recognition by the Nine-Tails until And that's the mildest thing in the whole fic.

First Old Man : "I saw a woman. Couldn't have been younger than ninety, probably a hundred, they live that damn long you know. She was holding a sword in her left hand, because she'd lost her right arm, and pretty much everything, shoulder to hip, sternum out by the time I saw her, looked like it had been blasted off by a raiton , but I saw that old woman cut down no less than fifty trained ninja before some poor bastard finally cut off her head but That old lady's body kept going, that headless body cut down five more men, before she fell and drove her sword into the heart of the man who beheaded her.

One of my buddies set her on fire, just in case. I don't know if I was seeing things, but that blackened, headless corpse, it looked like it still tried to get up again. Second Old Man : "My brother and I were in that hell together.

We saw a kid, maybe three years old, crawling through the blood and muck, missing both his legs, looking like he'd been coughing up blood. My brother went to put the kid out of his misery.

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The kid jumped. With just his arms, the kid jumped ten feet and tore my brother's throat out with his teeth. He came at me before my brother even hit the ground, I was lucky to get my arm up in time. The little monster still tore my arm out at the shoulder, but it bought me enough time to get a kunai out and plant it in his head. When everything was over and we gathered the bodies, we found thousands more who'd been killed like my brother, with little bite marks where their throats were.

Neon Genesis Evangelion. Much of the Evangelion fic And If That Don't Work qualifies, but really the standout is when the acid-dripping spider Angel managed to turn the entry plug of Unit 02 into a vat of acid and the resultant fate of the pilot.

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This is even worse considering her fate is blatant Author Appeal ; none of the characters view it to be a bad thing for more than a few sentences and Asuka herself considers it an improvement. Every chapter is more horrifying than the one before it, escalating from spoilered for Nausea Fuel Asuka being graphically raped, to having to drink semen out of a pet food bowl, to being stripped naked in front of her whole class for an "anatomy lesson", to being forced to eat Rei's shit at her own birthday party.

The most frightening part of all, however, isn't the violent rapes and humiliations Asuka is subjected to; it's that nobody, whatsoever, shows even the slightest twinge of sympathy for her or Rei, either taking advantage of her vulnerable position to have their way with her or calling her a slut and telling her that all of her problems are her fault.

One Piece. The One Piece fic Asteria Nightmare gives us a whole island haunted by Nightmares, which are hellish creatures feeding on dreams.

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Dreams as your ambition and goal in life; when it's taken away from you, you become a mess gradually wasting away. When Nami tries to make Zoro remember how he wants to become the World's Greatest Swordsman, he almost goes into shock because he can feel something is missing and he's unable to remember what. And there's Luffy, whose dream to become the Pirate King is his entire life , going outright catatonic. In the last chapter, an Apocalyptic Log reveals how Nightmares were unleashed on the physical world: the island was inhabited by a peaceful civilization, and when travelers came upon their shores, they innocently revealed their ability to dreamwalk.

It all spiraled downwards as the traveler's leader wanted a way to physically explore the Dream world, making this also a first-grade Tearjerker. Nothing based on it could be that bad, right?

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Here's a nice little description of a Magikarp, and it's not much worse than most of the other descriptions in the story Multiple organs clung to the many spikes sticking out from it's body. Parts of its scales had been scraped away exposing muscle underneath, and some parts of the muscle had been what looks like eaten leaving bones sticking out.

It flopped around and gasped for air while disturbing gurgling sounds emmited from its mouth. Power Rangers. Personality Conflicts runs on this and angst. First, you have Tommy's multiple personalities anthropomorphized as an Eldritch Abomination. Then, you have Did we mention that since the main rangers are trying to get witnesses for Zordon's trial, children fight Shadowborg? When we're first introduced to the alchemist Ronald, he's a Large Ham , typical Power Rangers brute before it's revealed that all the defeats he's suffered over time has turned him psychotic and out for revenge against the Rangers and he takes it out on them by torturing them with the worst pain imaginable.

This is a scary enough idea in the first place — the curse slowly overwriting and consuming the original Ranma — but it's made even scarier in that such fanfics don't intend to play this for horror. It's quite obvious that the author approves of the process's end result , many outright stating that Ranma is "better" after he permanently becomes a mental girl as well as a physical one, with the strong implication if not outright statement that being female is inherently superior to being male and so Ranma should be grateful he can make the transition.

What Do You Want? Himura Tanaka all but forcing Ranma to go at school as a girl and join her volleyball team on pain of framing him for a sex offender charge, using Ranma's refusal to hurt civilians and the fact she's a Yakuza Princess to shield herself from retaliation. That also leads into Nabiki discovering that her subordinate Hana took over all her operations at school, and, differently from her, has absolutely zero qualms, having exchanged them for blackmail on Nabiki.

Blackmail that could potentially set Shampoo on her. And as the story progresses, the depths of Himura's sociopathy. Himura beat her own father into a permanent coma, and her reasons for doing so. Akane snapping at Kuno and punching him on a steel door until she manages to punch him through. Shampoo doing her thing : When Hana tries to take the money from Nabiki's first counterattack on Himura, Nabiki is quick to inform a passing Shampoo that Hana has taken pictures of Ranma during a physical and prove it, thus making sure Shampoo won't believe anything Hana has on Nabiki And getting the Chinese Amazon angry at her.