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Follow the precipice to the left of the tower to find more wolves and another large one. They swarm you so divide and conquer, luring them back to the tower if needed. Once defeated, head up the pass and beware at this will trigger the floor to drop beneath you. You will come to a ledge where you can drop down a few more ledges. On one you will find a corpse with a Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler 1x. Drop down to the ravine floor and proceed ahead and reach a crossroads. Head right from the crossroads to see a hole in the ground; jump down through it, or simply walk around it to the left for a bonfire.

Leave the bonfire and hang a sharp left to follow the other path that you didn't take before. This leads to a corpse with a Black Firebomb 2x. Be careful of the trees shooting fire and any wolves left over that were not dealt with before. To the left you will find an opening with several Giant Flies and a corpse with Frozen Weapon. To the right of the Cathedral doors you will find a corpse with a Hollow Gem. Ah no matter.

The Book of Sorrow and Forgetting

If you've lost your way, the words of Lady Friede will guide you. Now, go on inside. Show respect, and listen carefully. What's keeping you? Go on, right inside. Show respect, and let Lady Friede speak to you. Open the doors and head straight into the cathedral to find a bonfire. Speak to her a few times to obtain the Chillbite Ring. To the painted world of Ariandel. I am Friede. I have long stood beside our blessed Father, and the rest of the Forlorn. But Forlorn thou seemeth not. Lord of Hollows, I know not the missteps which led thee to this painted world.

But they duty is all, and thy duty lieth elsewhere. Return from whence thouh cam'st. I presume it visible to thee? The bonfire here, in this room.

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A meek and faded thing, but 'twill guide thee nonetheless. Ahh yes, there is a thing thou shouldst by rights possess.

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A remembrance of this cold world, for the great Lord of Londor. May it help thee bear they duty. Turn back around and head forward to a steep path, where you will slide down to the bottom at a wooded area that opens to a village. Ahead and down a drop you will see Corvians laying prone in a pool. They are gross and can be stirred but don't present much of a challenge. Go through a doorway at the end of the pit and you will find a closed gate to the left. A lethal foe wielding Crow Talons will drop down and attack you from the right. These things are lightning fast and present one of the tougher challenges in the game.

Dodging frequently is the name of the game and keep away from their devastating combo.

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Past the Crow Talon weilding enemy, climb up the ladder to the right that is guarded by crow villagers and find a corpse here with an Ember 1x. Be careful not to confuse him for an enemy. Speak to him. You must be the other Ash, I suppose?

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Oh wondrous Ash, grant us our wish. Make the tales true, and burn this world away. My Lady must see flame, and you have only to show her. You are Ash, are you not? Is it not fire that you seek? Surely you've seen the rot that afflicts this world. But that witch fooled the good Father, and buried the flame. After we had all made up our minds, too. So, please, grant us one wish.

If you return to speak to him after completing the DLC he will say:. The sound of my home, the painting of Ariandel, burning away For the sake of the next world.

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It's the one thing we do right, unlike those fools on the outside. Set fire to the rot Exit the house and enter the other house to it's left nearby to find a bonfire.

An Eternal Palace

In this house you will see a corpse hanging over a beam with a Large Soul of an Intrepid Hero. Exit the house and cross the small stone bridge. Head left and be mindful of the toxic spewing crow and the one lurking in the house doorway. In a house on you will find a corpse with Ember 1x. If you exit this house and make a right and another right around its corner, you will walk onto a bridge.

Pickled in 'cognac', Chopin's heart gives up its secrets

At the end of the bridge you can go left or right. Roll across the gap and proceed straight ahead to find the body hanging over the bonfire room with Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler. To the right you will find a toxic crow villager behind the crumbling wall. Kill it and you will see a wooden plank ledge.

Across a leap you will see a corpse with an item. Return to the plank with the leap to the mound. To make this leap you will have to leap off the furthest right part of the ledge as close to its end as you can.

The Bible's Buried Secrets (Full Documentary)

If you stick the jump, you'll land on top of the raised mound to loot the Crow Quills. Retrace your steps all the way back to the bridge to loot what is to it's right. To the right of the bridge, you can drop down to square off against a centipde. Against the wall in here is a corpse with a Simple Gem. You can open the gate by pulling the lever to its right and make your way back up to the village. Once back where you diverted, proceed up the path to where you will see a lethal crow enemy wielding a rapier descend and start killing villagers. You may opt to engage, and arrive at the locked gate at the end or take a right at the end of the short rock wall that is to your right, which will bring you through an alley between 2 houses.

If you make a right at the cliff you will find some crow villagers, but be wary of the ones that lurk behind corners who will leap out and try to push you off. Keep pushing along the narrow cliff until you come to a borken down foundation area. You will find a crow villager who vomits toxic good here. Go back to where the toxic spewing enemy was and proeceed to find a ladder to the roof of the house. From here you can cross the various rooftops, being wary of the enemies or can turn around and drop down to a walkway.. Go back up the ladder to the cobblestone walkway and take it into the house ahead.

Hang a left across the plank ledge in the house and outside, then make a right onto the top of the wall and follow it to towards the end to find wooden planks laid across to the rooftop on the right. You will meet 2 more village enemies here, one with homing soulmass.

Take them out and loot the corpse here for the Crow Talons. You can drop down to a lower balcony to find a corpse with Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler 1x. Make your way along the cobblestone walkway and drop to the right to climb the ladder back up to the rooftop. Back up on the rooftop, ahead and to your left will be 2 crow villagers behind the tower here, and another 2 if you drop down. Ahead are more crow villagers. At the end of this rooftop network when you cross the last plank, there is another structure you can enter in either take a ladder up or drop down.

Drop down into the bottom floor to find 2 more crow villagers, one with toxic mist.

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Defeat them and loot the corpse here for the Slave Set. At the top, step through the doorway and turn immediately right. You can drop down here onto the roof to loot Rusted Coin 3x. Circle back around and reenter the tower and take the ladder back up to the top. Step through the doorway and go up the stone arch.