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When a slump in their sex life forces them to reconsider their relationship, they must confront how intertwined their lives have become.

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Hi there! FYI: Cookies help run our website. By visiting, you accept our use of cookies. Learn More , or Got it! By the end, the narrator is nearly breathless, and so are we. It may seem like the film is telling us about swimming. Late uses its minute with poise. It takes its time. And for a second in the middle, it even seems to drag. But these extra moments with the characters are essential for its final punch to land. Without even realizing it, we bonded with them.

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As their world sinks, so does ours. This hypnotic little film perfectly captures the quirky and colorful world of button making. Like buttons themselves, the beauty of this film is in its simplicity. It relies on composition, colors, music, and spot-on sound design to create its charm.

Adapted for the screen and directed by Roberto Enrico, the story is simple, but the telling is what makes it jarring and original. It was a winner at the Cannes Film Festival. This film from Kenneth Anger caused the Nazis to become upset at him for misrepresenting their flag. A censorship advocacy group called the police, had the theatre manager arrested and the print seized before the whole case went to the California supreme court. This film set precedent for legal censorship cases across the country, and in some ways dismantled the shard censorship laws that remained from the McCarthy era.

Oh, and the film is pretty great too. This film from David Cronenberg shows two men in a mental institution bathtub talking about what is in the drain.

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It led to films like Eastern Promises , History of Violence , and Existenz , so it is totally worth watching. Also, it is interesting to watch a lot of the interviews Cronenberg gave during the period of creating this film, so if you have time watch those too. David Lynch has made a few experimental short films, but The Grandmother is his best. The reason it is his best is because it has more cinematic technique to analyze than other short films from David Lynch.

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Writer-director Alain Resnais used writing and structure as well as a compilation of archival footage from all over Europe to bring this short film to life. Using motion pictures and stills, there is no fancy Hollywood razzle-dazzle in this no-nonsense look at the horrors of the Holocaust.

It is the structure of the film that makes this short film stand the test of time as one of the best short documentary films of all time. Resnais tells a complete story with a gripping subject matter but structures the story in an essay form. The tracking shots lead to the Nazis marching in step. The writing here is unsentimental and unapologetic.

Slow down!

It makes Night and Fog one of the best short films, documentary or otherwise, of all time. This powerful Academy Award-nominated short film from director Steve Okazaki revisits the story of the first use of the atomic bomb by the United States against Japan. The real story in this 34min film is the effects on the lives of those who experienced it.

In response to the lackluster coverage of the fiftieth anniversary of the dropping of the bomb, the filmmaker collected these stories of survivors in the short tragic anthology. The director presents questions that no one wants to ask. The survivors or hibakusha get to tell their story. The structure is less important as are the filmmaking skills. The stories come together to make one unforgettable film.

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The best documentary short films all seem to tackle the darkest and most tragic reaches of the human experience. This is no exception. But the writing in this short film is essential to the telling of such heavy themes as genocide and human depravity. This short film is a story of hope. Director Dan Krauss paints a tragic portrait of the life of a journalist in this superb short film. The short film comes in at a sparse 27 minutes but packs a punch of any feature-length film.

The film sheds light on the suicide of journalist Kevin Carter a few months after winning the Pulitzer Prize and the death of a close friend. This Oscar-nominated short film of is one of the few documentary short films that delivers a message of hope and redemption. This short film is the story of a restaurateur looking to open the best French restaurant in America.

The catch? The restaurant is staffed with ex-convicts looking to change their lives. They have a few weeks to learn the kitchen skills. The structure of the story is where filmmakers can really learn a thing or two. It is funny as a fish out of water stories, frustrating to witness how lives can take a sudden bad turn and a pleasure to watch as men and women are redeemed in a kitchen. Now you know about 30 great short films.

You could literally watch any of these films and know that you saw something worth a watch.

Short Films: Writing the Screenplay (Creative Essentials)

This is a fantastic resource that will keep you on track, and help organize your idea. Write and collaborate on your scripts FREE. Create script breakdowns, sides, schedules, storyboards, call sheets and more.


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