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In the epilogue of Replay , the "Groundhog Day" Loop is happening to someone new, but his replay date is when Jeff's end date was. The Walter de la Mare poem "Sam's Three Wishes, or Life's Little Whirligig" ends with Sam in the exact same situation he was at the beginning, and contains some great Fridge Brilliance if you're willing to start the poem all over again.

The first three Vernon Bright books end like this. In the first book Bright de-magnetizes himself only to discover he's become electrically charged.

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Bright's father has to go and stop a meteor crashing into the planet and destroying all life on Earth and at the same time the gravity machine has inverted and is creating a miniature black hole. The fourth book is different because John realizes that the "Frankenstein's Hamster" could just be hibernating Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore's Vernon Bright books for children always ended with the main characters solving the problem they'd been facing - by creating a very similar, different one. In the short story "Devil's Marauders" from the Warhammer 40, anthology book Deathwing , a squad of soldiers fight their way through a hostile jungle sector to reach an evacuation point before they are bombarded.

Once the remnants of the said squadron reach their destination, they learn that the area has been compromised and the evacuation point has been moved, and they have to fight through another area. Finnegans Wake is in some ways a more literal example of this trope than most, as it ends in the middle of a sentence that is completed at the beginning of the novel.

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The book begins with a trip to the store for ingredients for apple pie, only for the store to be closed, resulting in a journey around the world. At the end of the book, it's said that apple pie is good with ice cream, so you should go to the store for ice cream. But if the store is closed Live-Action TV. Arrested Development almost repeats itself as well. Buster even acknowledges that "They still have boats? Inverting this trope at the last minute, Michael leaves with his son and apparently his father instead of staying to keep his family and the business intact.

Battlestar Galactica , possibly. The series was all about a Robot War actually multiple Robot Wars in the distant past so it's Arc Words "All of this has happened before and all of it will happen again" sound a bit Six and Head!

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Baltar even lampshade this. Six: Commercialism, decadence, technology run amok Baltar: Take your pick: Kobol Caprica before the Fall The flowers have gone to young girls, who have gone to young men, who have gone to be soldiers, who have gone to graveyards, which have gone to flowers A variation of this is in Snow Patrol's music video for "Chocolate". The entire video revolves around people panicking while an hourglass and digital timer count down to 0. When it gets there, everybody huddles down, only for nothing to happen. The singer walks up and flips the hourglass over, which causes the timer to reset and the panic to resume.

In Harry Nilsson 's "Coconut", putting the lime in the coconut and drinking them both up gives a woman a bellyache, prompting her to call the doctor and wake him up. He advises her to put the lime in the coconut and drink them both together, assuring her that "then you'll feel better". And so forth. Taylor Swift seems to be very fond of this. The prologue begins with "We found his diary today", and the epilogue begins with "They found my diary today". A close listening reveals that the events keep on repeating themselves.

Radiohead 's album OK Computer does this. The first song, "Airbag", describes the aftermath of a car crash.

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The very last song cuts off with Pink saying "Isn't this where". Note that the background music in both the last song and the beginning of the first one is the same.

So if you play the whole album on a loop, it will be seamless. May be inspired by Finnegans Wake above. The Floyd did this earlier with the heartbeat sound effect actually a treated bass drum on The Dark Side of the Moon. Almost identical to the Coldplay example, the AFI album Sing The Sorrow has a hidden track called This Time Imperfect whose ending deliberately-inserted static blends seamlessly into the beginning.

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In Dream Theater 's minute epic "Octavarium," the entire theme is coming full circle. In the second section, for example, the narrator wakes up from a year coma. By the end, he has fallen back into the coma. The entire album Octavarium is an example of this. Track 1, The root of all evil begins with wavering synthesizer. Octavarium, the final track, ends in the same way. This likely refers to the Joker and Thief who are quoted at the beginning of the song. Whitesnake has a song all about this: "Here I go, again on my own After the teens in the Cool Kids Table game Bloody Mooney are successful in containing Mooney in the government van to stop its rampage, everything seems fine.

Then the police they called arrive and try to open the van, leading the story to end as the three teens shout at them to stop. Tabletop Games. Used word for word in an alternate ending to one of the Gehenna scenarios in Vampire: The Masquerade. This ending, titled "Here We Go Again," involves the Tzimisce Antediluvian being defeated just as it was in the original ending; however, the player characters do not transform back into humans. Not only do they remain vampires, but they appear to have become more powerful than ever before, and their clan weakness no longer affects them: now that the old Antediluvians are all dead or beyond all human concerns , the players have taken their place to start the entire history of vampires all over again.

The Skin of Our Teeth by Thornton Wilder, ends with Sabina coming out onstage, acting out her first scene of the show. She then stops and tells the audience that the play hasn't been finished yet, and they can go home whenever the like, with the implication that the play-within-a-play is on an infinite loop. This is itself meant to symbolize how human history keeps repeating itself, and that most things don't change in the long run. On the Town : Chip, Ozzie and Gabey's twenty-four hours are up, and they return to the ship Woody Allen's play God ends with the two leads repeating their opening lines, which are complaining about the play not having an ending.

Candide has the comic ballad "What's the Use? An Inspector Calls begins with the titular inspector visiting the upper-class Birling family to interrogate them about the death of a young working-class woman, gradually revealing that each of them was partly responsible for her eventual suicide. At the end, it is revealed that the inspector who visited them was not a real policeman.

The double-twist comes when Mr Birling receives a phone call telling him that the girl's suicide really is being investigated, and an inspector will be sent round to ask some questions. Chicago : Moments after the jury finds Roxie Hart not guilty, three pistol shots are heard, and the crowd rushes out to investigate. It seems that another woman has shot her boyfriend and his wife.

The main plot All's Well That Ends Well starts with Helena curing the King of France, being offered the hand of any nobleman she likes in reward, and having Bertram, who she chooses, reject her. At the end of the play, she's managed to win him back with the help of Diana; when she tells the story to the King, he says Diana can have the hand of any nobleman she likes as a reward for helping Helena The Man Who Came to Dinner ends with Sheridan Whiteside, having fully recovered from his injury, walking out the front door of the Stanley home and slipping and falling on the steps once again.

It reacts the same way the one in New York did, with a reprise of their Protest Song. Twice Charmed ends with the wicked fairy godfather helping an evil queen being chased by seven dwarfs up a mountain. The Bald Soprano opens with Mr. Smith having a conversation alone on stage before their maid enters to announce the arrival of their guests, Mr.

It ends with Mr. Martin alone on stage, at which point they segue into the same conversation Mr.

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Smith were having at the beginning. In Summer of the Seventeenth Doll , Olive is in a long-standing informal relationship with Roo, who comes to town each summer to spend the money he saves up working the rest of the year up north as a cane-cutter. Over the course of the play, they have to face up to the fact that their arrangement can't last indefinitely and sooner or later they will have to either settle down to a steadier lifestyle or fall apart entirely.

Near the end of the play, their young friend Kathie, oblivious to the troubled waters their relationship is in, heads out on a date with a cane-cutter her age, hoping it will be the start of a relationship like theirs. The main plot of All's Well That Ends Well kicks of when Helena's allowed by the king to choose any husband she likes.

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At the end of the play, Diana's reward for her kindness towards Helena is the king's permission to choose a husband. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ends with Utterson looking thoughtfully at a copy of Jekyll's lab notes while the greek chorus tempts him to try the formula out himself.

Video Games. Silent Hill. This was unofficially coined as "Full Circle".

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