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He is musical and a skilled kick-boxer. Kahit is an enigma and is introduced a good way through through the story. He is from the Wintu tribe in the Mount Shasta region of California. He claims to be the spirit guide for the fallen angel.

He has been in training as a spirit guide for years before they meet. He is in his mid teens. His defining trait is that he can disappear. Then there is Agent Samuel Erickson.

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He is ex-military and badass. He is Thai-American and has trained in many different fighting styles. He is essentially a man-for-hire. He does whatever is necessary with as little blood on his hands as possible. Despite his past, he does still have a conscience. As he is a mere peon, he knows very little of the legend. He only knows what he is told and what he picks up along the way. The League of the Damned was formed by an excommunicated priest. They have been searching for the first clue for centuries. They want the sword to control the world and return it to the previous glory.

Or so they say. The group is headed by the Brethren, twelve people with no morals.

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They will do whatever it takes and use whoever they have to to achieve their aims. Even their children. They are driven by greed and malice housed in claims of wanting peace. When the body of the fallen is discovered by accidental spelunkers, both sides are thrown into a frenzy. Mark is excited upon the discovery, especially since the body is being housed at his University. He is working on cracking the genetic code to be able to perfectly create and employ a artificial DNA strand. When it works, Mark contrives a plan to use his brother and his research to become a fallen angel.

As the new resurrected fallen angel, Tyler must travel to Mount Shasta in California to retrieve the first piece of the key. There he must navigate an underground maze, battle golems, and evade Erickson. For only Og king of Bashan remained of the remnant of giants; behold his bedstead was a bedstead of iron; is it not in Rabbath of the children of Ammon?

In the Bible, the largest human ever known to be in existence was Og of Bashan, whose bed was 9 twenty-one inch cubits long and 4 twenty-one inch cubits wide. If we make an allowance of at least one foot at the head and at the feet, Og was about 15 feet tall, the tallest human that we know of to have ever walked the Earth. However, Scripture calls Og the remnant of the giants; and this means that others at least equal to, and almost undoubtedly many even taller than he, preceded him.

And when it comes to mighty men after them, we are clearly talking of men whose heights exceeded normal human growth, which varied from just over 8 feet to over 11 feet tall. The number of those who achieved such tallness, which the Apocryphal books of Enoch and Jubilee attributes to as being from a co-habitation with angelic beings, is listed as angels.

However, more plausible to me would be that the number of giants instead of angels that perished instead of being sent to the Abyss according to the apocrypha while the Bible only lists 4 Angels as being punished for having left their station as watchers — e. Daniel ,23 and Revelation It is of our own best interest in the Biblical Study of this topic, at least it seems so to me, to distinguish that the Nephillim were giants, because the Giants of Crete, cousins to the Giants of Gaza where Goliath the Philistine lived, were so named Titans after Titan aka.

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Helios, the sun deity , and the birth defect of giantism in which skin covers one eye and makes a cyclops of a man in the right or left eye, shows that myth is often starts with a point of fact that is over embellished until most basic facts of literary observation otherwise known to those closer to the times are lost to those later. The Bible stands a grand canyon gulf apart from myths, as it is a literal history that if the words are understood in context, reads like a factual newspaper account and readily is known by the reader as what is being said.

Brien Forester is in this documentary. Good stuff in this clip…. Evidently not. Hey brainiac, you dont know Hebrew so dont berate her about tribal knowledge. Its Naftali.

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And first of all Naftali was an Israelite tribe. Get back to school and stop providing so much mirth to those who dont need a translation to read a language. Nor is it that stupid confused spelling in the Greek either. I am much more inclined to believe the well-reasoned explanation put forward by Philippe, who uses the Bible itself to explain and support his argument. Like many academics, today, who attempt to explain away the acts of evil people as aberrations brought about by external influences, Ms White appears to want to give the Nephilim positive spin that is not indicated in the book from which she draws her source material.

Both the Nephilim and their fathers were opposed to Jehovah and created an evil influence on the face of the Earth, which contributed to the need for the Earth to be cleansed. Anyone here ever hear of E. That seems kind a odd to me…. Every nationality on the planet has a story of Nephyl the actual Scriptural word , and NONE of them are over the size of a child.

Leprechauns, fairies, gnomes, etc.

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In its original form, it predated Shinar. Biblical Archeology Society fails yet again…Why put out such a simplistic article that brings nothing new to the conversation but a naive understanding of what the Nephilim and Rephaim actually were? Where do these supposed scholars get this stuff. This is elementary my dear Watson.

It also does not mean a breed of half human half angels. This is the same word used in Numbers when speaking of the sons of Anak.

Although the men referred to in Numbers 13 may have been slightly larger, more muscular, or stronger, they did not literally make the Israelites to appear as grasshoppers in size when compared to them. No, we mean he they are considerably bigger and stronger than ourselves. In addition, there is nothing in the Bible that supports the theory that angels bred with human women.

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Genesis is not talking about spirit beings at all. Compare with the previous chapter This shows us that there were people who began to call themselves the sons of God meaning they were a people who knew and worshipped God. It was these men who called themselves the sons of God that took to themselves many wives of which they chose.

This expression means that they began to take wives from those who did not worship God. Consider also that spirit beings do not marry Luke Giants is a term that means tyrants, or bullies. Some have tried to use a supposed book of Enoch to justify this theory. But we must consider that the book of Enoch is a spurious writing that cannot be trusted. That book tells a fairy tale story of Enoch who supposedly went to heaven and God used Enoch to correct the angels. It contains many heretical theories and statements.

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Both 1 Enoch and Jubilees are unmistakable products of Hellenistic civilization. A world view so encyclopaediac that it embraced the geography of heaven and earth, astronomy, meteorology, medicine was no part of Jewish tradition — but was familiar to educated Greeks, but attempting to emulate and surpass Greek wisdom, by having an integrating divine plan for destiny, elaborated through an angelic host with which Enoch is in communication through his mystical travels.

Dear Dr. This, I believe, had much of its beginnings with Biblical omissions of Constantine. I feel that unbelief in much of the truths of Genesis and Exodus have led to firm evolution beliefs and even focus on extraterrestrial life. Could they be manifestations of the fallen angels? Instead these questions are swept under the rug, leaving our youth as unprepared prey to many unGodly professors. Lennart Moller. Jones, PH. I will be joining him on an 8-day rafting trip through The Grand Canyon in June.