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Golden Girls

See More. Even now I seem to see the face of my lost girl With frightened eyes, like a wood wanderer, In travail with sorrowful waters, unwept tears Labouring to be born and fall; when white face turned And little ears caught at the far murmur, The pleased snarling of the tumult of dogs When I was buried away down the white road.

Even now When slow rose-yellow moons looked out at night To guard the sheaves of harvest and mark down The peach's fall, how calm she was and love worthy.

Glass-coloured starlight falling as thin as dew Was wont to find us at the spirit's starving time Slow straying in the orchard paths with love. Even now Love is a god and Rati the dark his bride; But once I found their child and she was fairer, That could so shine. And we were each to each Wonderful and a presence not yet felt In any dream.

I knew the sunset earth But as a red gold ring to bear my emerald Within the little summer of my youth. Even now I marvel at the bravery of love, She, whose two feet might be held in one hand And all her body on a shield of the guards, Lashed like a gold panther taken in a pit Tearfully valiant, when I too was taken' Bearding her black-beard father in his wrath, Striking the soldiers with white impotent hands.

Even now I mind that I loved cypress and roses, dear, The great blue mountains and the small grey hills, The sounding of the sea. Upon a day I saw strange eyes and hands like butterflies; For me at morning larks flew from the thyme And children came to bathe in little streams.

Even now Sleep left me all these nights for your white bed And I am sure you sistered lay with sleep After much weeping. Piteous little love, Death is in the garden, time runs down, The year that simple and unexalted ran till now Ferments in winy autumn, and I must die.

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Even now I mind our going, full of bewilderment As who should walk from sleep into great light, Along the running of the winter river, A dying sun on the cool hurrying tide No more by green rushes delayed in dalliance, With a clear purpose in his flower-flecked length Informed, to reach Nirvana and the sea. Even now I love long black eyes that caress like silk, Ever and ever sad and laughing eyes, Whose lids make such sweet shadow when they close It seems another beautiful look of hers.

I love a fresh mouth, ah, a scented mouth, And curving hair, subtle as a smoke, And light fingers, and laughter of green gems. Even now I mind asking: Where love and how love Rati's priestesses? You can tell me of their washings at moon-down And if that warm basin have silver borders. Is it so that when they comb their hair Their fingers, being purple-stained, show Like coral branches in the black sea of their hair? Even now I remember that you made answer very softly, We being one soul, your hand on my hair, The burning memory rounding your near lips; I have seen the priestesses of Rati make love at moon-fall And then in a carpeted hall with a bright gold lamp Lie down carelessly anywhere to sleep.

I am not certain but that dark Brahma In his high secret purposes Has sent my soft girl down to make the three worlds mad With capering about her scented feet. Even now Call not the master painters from all the world, Their thin black boards, their rose and green and grey, Their ashes of lapis ultramarine, Their earth of shadows the umber. Laughing at art Sunlight upon the body of my bride, For painting not nor any eyes for ever. Oh warm tears on the body of my bride. Even now I mind when the red crowds were passed and it was raining How glad those two that shared the rain with me; For they talked happily with rich young voices And at the storm's increase, closer and with content, Each to the body of the other held As there were no more severance for ever.

Black Marigolds

Even now The stainless fair appearance of the moon Rolls her gold beauty over an autumn sky And the stiff anchorite forgets to pray; How much the sooner I, if her wild mouth Tasting of the taste of manna came to mine And kept my soul at balance above a kiss. Even now Her mouth careless scented as with lotus dust Is water of love to the great heat of love, A tirtha very holy, a lover's lake Utterly sacred.

Might I go down to it But one more time, then should I find a way To hold my lake for ever and ever more Sobbing out my life beside the waters. Even now I mind that the time of the falling of blossoms started my dream Into a wild life, into my girl; Then was the essence of her beauty spilled Down on my days so that it fades not, Fails not, subtle and fresh, in perfuming That day, and the days, and this the latest day. Even now She with young limbs as smooth as flower pollen, Whose swaying body is laved in the cool Waters of languor, this dear bright-coloured bird, Walks not, changes not, advances not Her weary station by the black lake Of Gone Forever, in whose fountain vase Balance the water-lilies of my thought.

Even now Spread we our nets beyond the farthest rims So surely that they take the feet of dawn Before you wake and after you are sleeping Catch up the visible and invisible stars And web the ports the strongest dreamer dreamed, Yet is it all one, Vidya, yet it is nothing. Even now The night is full of silver straws of rain, And I will send my soul to see your body This last poor time. I stand beside our bed; Your shadowed head lies leaving a bright space Upon the pillow empty, your sorrowful arm Holds from your side and clasps not anything.

But her mood improves when she meets Zachary Gray at the hotel restaurant.

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He is quite interested in her and is attracted to her innocence. He offers to take her around Greece and show her the sights.

Polly is reluctant but agrees. Zachary is an interesting tour guide and Polly enjoys his companionship. But when Zachary begins to show interest in a romantic and physical relationship, she resists. When Polly's aunt and uncle show up, Zachary is unable to keep up his relationship with Polly but insists that they will see each other again. During this time, Polly has been flashing back to the past and how she managed to get a trip to Greece. About six months earlier, Polly was introduced to Max, a friend of her uncle. Although Max is a middle-aged adult and Polly is still a teenager, the two begin a friendship and Max encourages Polly to develop her identity.

Polly's friend Renny also encourages her and Polly blossoms.

When Max admits that she and her "friend" Ursula have been lovers for thirty years, Polly is surprised but decides this does not change who Max is and remains friends. Max also admits she is dying, which devastates Polly. But after one night of heavy drinking, Max makes what seems to be a sexual advance toward Polly. Polly is horrified. Ursula tries to assure Polly that Max loves her Polly as a daughter, not in any romantic sense but Polly is still terrified and runs away.

She stays with Renny. While still vulnerable and scared, Polly and Renny sleep together.