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Prior to the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States and its people of freedom, this article was written in as an outcome of some research that I completed regarding the history of world religions and the fervor of religious dogma that continues to be the mark of "man's inhumanity to man.

After reading it again four years later, the words held a greater impact that seems to threaten the heart of every human soul and that touches the lives of all cultures, all religions and spiritual practices as well as the very souls of all humanity.

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We have a powerful responsibility as spiritual leaders and human beings to consider these most difficult and violent actions that arise out of sheer desperation of the human mind and not from the heart of God. How may we unite as One World with Love, Compassion, Understanding, Acceptance and Peace to dissolve the frightening path of spiritual insanity in the world?

This question has been asked and asked since the beginning of thinking man and her greater community. Has religious insanity touched your life?

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Is there an after-life? Most of us believe, it is so, whether Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jew or other supporters of major religious credo or philosophy whether exoteric, esoteric or a combination of both. What a sad commentary on humanity's ability to distort spiritual truth and destroy the very essence of all that is said to be sacred; life! It is also saddens this heart that too many human beings prefer to allow others to 'think' for them while following like weak and mindless sheep to the slaughter house.

There is no short-cut to spiritual freedom. Voluntary physical death is not the promise of any sane religious tenant. Any vilent act whether it is one individual or a group of disillusioned-souls, is not founded in spiritual values that sustain life. All major religions claim life as holy and sacred, proclaiming violence to be an act against God and Universal Law.

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